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Aurora back-lit LED light panel is bright, soft and homogenous.
Utilizing high quality and daylight balanced LEDs, Aurora LED panel ensures vivid and saturated color for true imaging. LED bulbs are placed in a constant distance throughout the back and light through diffusion panel resulting in highly efficient and yet homogenous lighting.

Currently 4 models are availble.
BLP612, 60cmx120cm
BLP312, 30cmx120cm
BLP66, 60cmx60cm
BLP36, 30cmx60cm

Aurora BLP (LED Light)
Utilizing high quality and daylight balanced LED chips BLP ensures vivid and saturated color for true imaging.
LED chips are placed in a constant distance throughout the back and light through front diffusion panel resulting in highly light intensity and yet soft and homogenous lighting.
Natural cooling ensures minimum noise. No UV, minimal heat, and flicker free light please subjects and enables close shooting.
High color rendering index over 90 is a key feature of BLP system.
No unpleasant color cast frees you from time consuming retouch work.
Color temperature is preset at 5600K fro Day Light version and Tungsten color version is available at one’s request.
Average life time of LED chip is 50,000 hrs, therefore if you use this equipment 8hrs per a day and use 5 days per week. It takes about 26 years to change LED chip. Moreover, any harmful chemical such as mercury as not used, so it’s environmental.
Compare to conventional light, LED light can save up to 85% of energy and produce less heat so can save air conditioning cost.
♦ About control box
50 cm dimmer cable
For remote control, up to 10m dimmer cable can be used

♦ How to detach control box

Step 1.

Place the lighting unit on the even place upside down to see control box on the back of lighting unit.

Step 2.

Remove the 50 cm dimmer cable from lighting unit and control box.

Step 3.

Remove the screw which located top of control box and slide control box upward to detach control box for lighting unit. 

To control the unit remotely; please connect two parts with dimmer cable


♦ Type of monting

Stand mount:

stand mount version comes with a tilting bracket and the control unit fixed on the back. For 60cm wide models such as BLP 66 and BLP 615V, L-shape bracket is include and all other models come with shape bracket. Also it’s possible to put on the floor for lighting

Wall mount / Ceiling mount:

Wall mount and Ceiling mount version comes with several other parts to help mount easy on the wall and ceiling. Ceiling and wall mount version BLPs create beautiful window and hair light for this newly set up baby portraits studio in Japan

Model Dimession(WxLxH,cm) Weight Power Consumption CCT Power Supply
BLP612 Vertical 60X120X7 12Kg 250W 5400 ± 150°K
Day Light Version
3200 ± 150°K
Tungsten Version
90-264V AC
BLP612 Horizontal 120X60X7
BLP312 Vertical 30X120X7 10.5Kg 120W
BLP312 Horizontal 120X30X7
BLP66 60X60X7 10Kg 120W
BLP36 Vertical 30X60X7 7Kg 60W
BLP36 Horizontal 60X30X7
LED light panel for broadcasting, video, photography, and cinematography
Distance 1.2m 2.1m 3m Beam Angle
BLP612 LUX 4,190.47 1,368.32 670.47 107.7°
FOOT CANDLE 389.31 127.12 62.29
BLP312 LUX 2,539.79 829.32 406.37 111.0°
FOOT CANDLE 235.95 77.05 37.75
BLP66 LUX 2,636.06 860.76 421.77 111.0°
FOOT CANDLE 244.90 79.97 39.18
BLP36 LUX 913.18 298.18 146.11 111.3°
FOOT CANDLE 84.84 27.70 13.57

File Format *.pdf

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