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Optimized for outdoor use
Electricity is not always available for location shootings and it is too much hassle to bring long extension cables and generators. Battery powered and portable to carry with Aurora LUMA Led lights are designed to solve these problems.

Light head itself weights only 1.78kg and long life Li-ion battery is 1.15kg

Thanks to energy efficient LEDs, the battery lasts 80 minutes at max power and 8 hours at min power. Recharging from empty battery takes 4 hr for LUMA 1000 and 2 hr for LUMA 500. LUMA head is also compatible with 14.4V camera battery through 4-pin XLR connector.

LUMA 500
Ideal for motion pictures

Low noise cooling creates perfect shooting condition for motion pictures. Durable and portable LUMA kit is easy to carry with, bright enough for shooting, and ensures excellent skin tone.
High color rendering index

Daylight-balanced LED with a CRI over 95 delivered true color to your images.

High light intensity

Li-on powered LUMA runs 80 minutes at max power and many more hours at lower powers and it is super bright using evolving high efficient LED chips.
Portable LUMA delivers enough light output for outdoor as well as indoor shooting.

Long life

Average life span for LED chips is 50,000 hours that requires no replacement.
Emitting much less heat than conventional lights. LUMA help you to cut down electricity bill.

Easy to use

Light intensity dims 0% to 100% through on board dimming knob.
Continuously a battery charge level is indicated on board

Diffused light

Due to the built-in diffusion panel, direct light from LED sources gets diffused creating soft and shadow free output without light modifiers.
Compatible with Aurora Light Modifiers

Equipped with Aurora bayonet, LUMA is compatible with all Aurora light modifiers.
Especially portable Firefly for Aurora mount is recommended to use with.


Video was taken by Denis Rule.

This video was taken by Dalkicake.


LUMA 500
LUMA 500
LUMA 500
LUMA 500
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