Vertical live music video for Ahn Ye Eun Filmed with Aurora LUMA800BI LED lights

Vertical live music video for Ahn Ye Eun

Filmed with Aurora LUMA800BI LED lights
Written by Manchul Kim
April 3, 2017
  A few days ago I filmed a vertical live music video with a Korean pop singer Ye Eun.
This video is to be played in Dingo Music Youtube channel “Vertical Live” and I tried to find a simple but efficient way to film this music video. Firstly I thought of using several cameras and then new ideas came up later so later decided to go for one take with one camera. One take can be boring so I planned to use a slider and bokeh effect to fill in.
Several Christmas lights hang in various layers over stands and a camera got slid down by a slider just about the length of Ye Eun’s song. And I thought panning can be auto adjusted tracking the song.
  The first thing I care about shooting set up is always how light and compact those tools can be for easy transportation. Those lights I used to rent or already have were too heavy but Aurora LUMA800BI was not. The light comes in a small carrying which is about the same size with carrying bag for laptop and I could put two heads in this bag together. I could add more accessories in the bag as there was enough space even after. Aurora LUMA800BI is about the same size with IPAD Mini and as thick as Mac Mini. 
  This shooting is not for outdoor for indoor and I only needed one or two lights so I chose to carry two LUMA800BI with me without hesitation
  Shooting took placed in a studio in Bundang, South Korea. One LUMA800BI was lighted up as main which I adjusted power dimming and color temp with a knob at the back control panel and started rehearsal shooting. Actually I worried about cooling fan noise before shooting but surprising it was very quiet and did not disturb the live shooting at all. 

  The second LUMA800BI was lighted as back and rim light and this time I added a pink gel filter to fill in a rather plain lighting.

  Light set up was done easily and fast. What took me more time and effort was Christmas light bulbs.

  Now here we go. Because it is “Vertical Live”, camera is positioned vertically. It was wrong choice to use a Canon 5DX Mark 4K due to limited volume. 

  After the music video shooting, I took some photos for video cover. But then I realized I brought no strobes but only two LUMA800BI. So I changed color temp to 5600°K day light  and combined two lights for photo shooting. 

  I always believed that strobe light is essential for photo shooting although it takes a longer time for set up and requires light modifiers for control. Well but LED light was good enough not only for video but also for photo shootings. Am I the only one that hasn’t realized this before? From now on I will bring LUMA800BI for photo shooting as well.

Following link will lead you to the Vertical Live music video.
[출처] 안예은(Ahn Ye Eun)세로 라이브 촬영 with Aurora LUMA800BI|작성자 mckphoto